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Camo Weave Carbon, 6.5oz x 50"
Specially woven carbon fiber fabric to have a camoflague look.  This is actual carbon fiber fabric so not only does it look cool it is the real deal. This stuff looks amazing and changes in look depending on how the light is hitting it. It is 50" wide and sold by the yard.

For international orders please contact us for accurate shipping information.
Regular Price: $63.00
Sale Price: $63.00
You Save: $0.00

14'  Voyager Stitch and Glue SUP
14' Voyager Stitch and Glue SUP
Stand up paddleboarding is the latest rage because it is easy and it is fun! The Voyager kit is for a 14' hollow wooden stand up paddleboard built using stitch and glue techniques. For more information on the build process please go to our SUP Blog.  This board features a V entry to cut the chop and glide smoothly through the water, the bottom transitions from the V at the bow to flat through the tail of the board making it stable underfoot.  The hard chine rails and removable fin track nicely through the water making the board a pleasure to paddle.  Build time is estimated to be between 35-60 hours depending on your skill level and level of finish desired.

Stand up paddle boards make a great first time boat building project because the insides don't need to be finished and they don't have a lot of parts like hatches and coamings that really add to the time it takes to finish a project.  The Voyager SUP is designed to be a great first time boat building or board building project.

Style 14'
Weight 28.5
Thickness 4
Other 38lbs

Regular Price: $970.00
Sale Price: $920.00
You Save: $50.00

Pint Pram Kit
Pint Pram Kit
Pint Pram Kit.

Prams are one of the most useful boat types around. For the length you get more space than a regular boat. 8' prams make great tenders, kids boats, and lake boats. My first boat was a pram.

The Pint Pram is designed to go together quickly and easily with 8' panels there is no need to scarf or join wood which reduces the time it takes to put the boat together.

The Pint Pram features three compartments that can be tailored to your needs for floatation or storage.

The Pint Pram can be modified for sailing and using commonly found sailing rigs such as Optimist or El Toro rigs.

The Pint Pram Kit comes with:
  • Precut Plywood Parts
  • Dimensional Lumber forGunwales
  • Epoxy Putty for Filleting
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Fiberglass Tape and Cloth for seams and outside.
  • Building Manual

Regular Price: $850.00
Sale Price: $750.00
You Save: $100.00

EZ Skiff Boat Kit
EZ Skiff Boat Kit

I designed the EZ Skiff after a fishing trip with my three boys in our 8' pram.  One of the younger boys had a fish on in the back when the oldest boy exhuberantly jumped to his feet to net the fish and I ended up white knuckling the gunwales trying to keep the boat upright and everybody in it.  It was then that I knew it was time for a bigger boat.  I named the boat the EZ Skiff because it is a simple straight forward boat to put together.  Building time should probably be 30-50 hours depending on how fancy you want to make it and skill level. 

The EZ Skiff's dimensions are:

LOA: 14'
Beam: 50"
Draft: 3" with 270lb load 5" with 650lb load

The flat bottom makes the boat very stable and the hard chine give plenty of bouyancy, no more surprises when the kid jumps up! It can be powered by oar, electric motor, or small outboard.  A sailing kit based on the Laser rig is in the works.

The EZ Skiff kit consists of:

  • Precut Plywood Parts for Bottom, Transom, and Sides
  • Wood for Gunwales, Breasthook, and Transom Knees
  • Epoxy Putty Supplies for Filleting
  • Epoxy for Taping Seams and covering the outside
  • Fiberglass Tape For Seams and Fiberglass Cloth to cover the outside
  • Building Manual

Here is a link to some of our blog postings about the EZ Skiff

The EZ Skiff Kit ships via LTL truck, a commercial address is required or the shipping charge will be higher.

Style 14'
Other Aprox 125lbs

Regular Price: $1,299.00
Sale Price: $1,150.00
You Save: $149.00

2018 Futura Surf Foil Package Complete
2018 Futura Surf Foil Package Complete
Complete surf foil package featuring the Futura Surf Foil Wing.

This complete foil package includes:

15" mast for learning
24" mast for wakefoiling and surfing
Mounting pedestal for twin track mounting
Foil cover
Switch fuselage for multiple setup options
Titanium Hardware
Futura surf wing and 42 cm stabilizer wing

This is a great foil setup for wakefoiling and surf foiling.


Regular Price: $1,221.00
Sale Price: $750.00
You Save: $471.00

Shaper's Square Surfboard Shaping Layout Square
Shaper's Square Surfboard Shaping Layout Square
Shaper's Square - is a layout tool that speeds up the process of marking out points for building surfboards.  No need to divide whole width numbers in half, just mark where indicated.  Includes fin marking matrix that is easy to use. Features a ruler at each end for measuring and marking.  This shaping square is made from durable 1/16" polycarbonate that is nearly unbreakable and thick enough to not be floppy.

To use fin marking tool, set the bottom measurement the desired distance away from the rail, for a standard thruster, that is about 1.25"  make sure the vertical lines are parallel to the stringer and mark at 0", move up to the corresponding fin base measurement (most standard fins are about 4.5") and mark the tow over, usually 1/4" for a standard thruster.  Move over to the other side and repeat.

Regular Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $20.29
You Save: $9.70

Epoxy Basics By Russell Brown
Epoxy Basics By Russell Brown
Epoxy Basiscs- Working with Epoxy Cleanly and Efficiently is a book by renowned epoxy/wood boat builder Russell Brown that explains in detail some of the techniques he uses to produce beautiful wooden boats.

Epoxy Basics covers a wide range of topics related to using epoxy and getting the best results possible with the least amount of effort.  The techinques and tips described in the book will save you time and headache.  Areas covered include fillets, dealing with blush, sheathing and fill coats.  This is a book that we highly recommend you have in your shop.

Available in both print format and as a digital download. When shipping buy itself the shipping is a flat rate $5.99.

Click here to visit PTWATERCRAFT. for digital downloads.

Regular Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $16.90
You Save: $2.05

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