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2014 Model, Modified Hitachi Planer

2014 Model, Modified Hitachi Planer for surfboard shaping.

This planer is custom hot-rodded in the USA for the rigors and demands of surfboard shaping.

First the front shoe assembly of the planer is taken apart and the handle is cut off of it.  The depth control mechanism is rebuilt so that in about 1/3 of a turn the planer can go from zero to full depth for shaping in rockers, concaves, and deck contours.  The rabbet groove on the shoe is filled in and the nose of the shoe is rounded over so that it won't catch on the foam and twist as the planer is run over the blank. 

The handle is moved further back on the planer and re-attached increasing the width of the users grip making it more comfortable and stable to handle.  The stock cord is taken off and replaced with a 25' cord, eliminating the need for extension cords. 

The belt guard is also trimmed up so that cutting can be done in both directions at full depth without interference from the belt guard.

Finally a dust collector attachement is added so the planer is ready to go out of the box onto a vacuum system to keep the shaping bay clean and free of piles of foam shavings.

Price: $414.67 / EACH

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Weight 14
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NOTE: Items are not refundable

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