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(W) Futures 10.75" 1-Shot Center

(W) Futures 10.75" 1-Shot Center longboard center fin box and hydrofoil track box.

Designed by the fin geniuses at Futures this longboard center box features a one piece design and stress distributing flange system in an under the glass fin box install.

Standard fin boxes are molded in 2 pieces and joined with an adhesive.  This can often be a weak point in the fin box that breaks and allows water intrusion in the board, with the 1 shot design there are no glue or bondlines in this fin box.

Ever noticed that a lot of boards with standard longboard fin boxes develop a brown spot at the front of the box?  This is a stress point that a standard fin box install doesn't address, look closely at that area and chances are there will be small hairline fractures in that area running perpendicular to the box.  Because this box has a rounded flange to distribute stresses at the front of the box and is installed under the glass it is much less likely to have issues.

Due to this box's design it is an excellent choice for twin track installations in foil boards.


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