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TD-06-P "Checker Board" Carbon Fiber Fabric

TD-06-P "Checker Board" Carbon Fiber Cloth, this is a spread tow carbon fiber fabric. 

Checker Board carbon fiber cloth is made from larger tows of carbon fiber that are spread during the weaving process to yield a lightweight fabric, this fabric weighs 6.2oz per square yard.  The spread tow technology was developed during the carbon fiber shortage in the early 2000's, an unexpected benefit of the spread tow fabrics is that they have less crimp and the mechanical properties of the fabric are higher than regular fabrics of the same weight. 

With the input fiber being spread so that each one is nearly 3/8" wide care must be taken when cutting and fitting for parts as to not pull loose fiber at the edge.

As a rule we roll all reinforcements for shipping in order to maintain their structural and cosmetic integrity.

All our carbon is first quality.

Quantity Price / Yard

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Style TD-06-P
Weight 6.2 oz per yd. sq.
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NOTE: Items are not refundable
Approx Weight: 0.54 lb. / Yard Dimensions (LxWxH): 52.00 x 4.00 x 0.05 in.
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